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Thirsty Thursday 30+ Men's League

30+ Mens Slowpitch Softball

To join Spring 2021 Men's Thursday Night Slowpitch Softball, call Steve at 314-363-5690.   

It's a fun but competitive beer league.  30+ age requirement is required for playoff night only, for season weeks younger subs are allowed.  Games are 7-10pm Thursday nights.

County Rules

Prior to games, as required by the most recent St Louis County Adult Sports Guidelines "Every coach and athlete must be screened when they enter the campus or facility where the sporting activity will occur."  In order to maintain distancing and allow for this to occur in an efficient manner, all teams will conduct their own screening upon arrival and prior to each game at PAA fields.  

To be consistent with County guidelines the screener will ask each player the questions identified by the County as well as take a temperature reading and complete the screening form (below). If an athlete, coach or official reports affirmative to any of the COVID-19 screening questions or has a fever they shall be sent home immediately.  It will be up to the team's screener to address any situation where someone is to be sent home. 

No medical information will be recorded on the screening form, a simple check mark to indicate that the screening questions were answered and a temperature (not actual temperature) was taken will be documented. Please print out a form for each game. We will have extras at the concession stand if needed. We are required by the County guidelines to maintain a record of participants in order for DPH to conduct contact tracing, if needed. 

Each team is required to turn in their completed screening form to the umpire during ground rules. The game will not begin until a completed form has been submitted by each team. 

We recommend that each team provide a thermometer for their team. However, if teams playing at PAA fields do not have their own thermometer they should be able to check out one at the PAA concession stand. A credit card or debit card will need to be left at the stand until the thermometer is returned. If at the end of the day, it has not been returned, we will charge the card $50 (the cost of the thermometer). Please plan accordingly and return the thermometer promptly to avoid delaying game start times.