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Thirsty Thursday 30+ Men's League

STANDINGS: after 6/13

1. 12-3-1   Where's My Pitches 

2. 10-5-1      One Hit Wonders (won head to head vs Shakers)

3. 10-5-1      Shakers

4. 9-6-1      Old Aces

T5. 9-7          Night Sky

9-7         Pulled Hamms

7. 7-9           Yard Dawgs

T8. 2-14        Has Benz

2-14        Crafty 

Fall schedule


  1. Thirsty Thursday is a 30+ age men's league.  During season weeks, 18+ year old subs (per Pond liability rules) are allowed to make sure everyone can field a team.  Playoff night 30+ only.  On Playoff Night, games start by coaches picking 3 players from opposing team to show 30+ ID, if under 30 or can't produce a driver's license, their team forfeits the game/evening. Anyone after can then be questioned during the game and must produce a drivers license or their team forfeits.
  2. All players must log in and register and agree to the liability waiver before playing.  Managers are required to have all players complete the waiver prior to any play. 2024 Waiver:
  3. Games are 7-10pm most nights, fields 1, 3 and 5.  7 innings or 60 minutes long, finish the inning.  New inning won't start after 55 min.
  4. Run Rule: 20 after 3, 15 after 4, 10 after 5
  5. Game balls will be provided by Pond.  
  6. Strike Zone: Home plate mat is used for strikes, 6'-12' arc.  
  7. No hard slide takeouts or fake tags, can result in an out.  No blocking home plate by catcher (or fielder on any base), runner is safe automatically if umpire rules plate and mat were blocked.
  8. Anyone intentionally initiating unnecessary contact on the base paths, either fielder or runner may be thrown out of the game and or park by the umpire.
  9. 2 Over the Fence Home Runs per team per game, 3+ are singles.
  10. Pitcher Protection Rule:"Hard Hit" line drive or hard grounder directly at the pitcher within 2 feet of him in after pitched position on mound is an automatic dead ball out. This is a judgement call, give the umps a break, they are trying.
  11. NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL OR COOLERS are allowed in the park.  Violating teams will forfeit games for that night and be asked to leave the park. 
  12. Be respectful of families and kids playing on adjacent fields and nearby at the park.  Explicit music, foul language and smoking around them is prohibited.
  13. By Wildwood City Ordinance the lights at Pond must go out by 10:30pm so be prepared that the Pond Board Member on Duty has to cut off the lights at 10:30 pm sharp. 
  14. Champion gets a trophy and a $50 gift cert for concessions.  Runner-Up get a $25 gift cert for concessions.