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Thirsty Thursday 30+ Men's League


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  1. 30+ age requirement.  During season weeks, younger  subs are allowed to make sure everyone can field a team.  Playoff night 30+ only, see #8 below.
  2. Games are 7-10pm Thursday nights, 8-10pm most nights.   7 innings or 60 minutes long, finish the inning.  New inning won't start after 55 min.
  3. Home plate mat is used for strikes, 6'-12' arc.  
  4. No hard slide takeouts or fake tags, can result in an out.  No blocking home plate by catcher.
  5. Legal bats only, if no stamp, approve with Umpire. 
  6. 2 Home runs per team per game, then it's a single after.
  7. Pitcher Protection Rule:"Hard Hit" line drive or hard grounder directly at the pitcher within 2 feet of him is an automatic dead ball out.   
  8. Playoff Night Age Check.  Any player can be asked for id at any time by the opposing team, if under 30, team forfeits.