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Thirsty Thursday 30+ Men's League

Standings (through 9/19)

9-1  One Hit Wonders

6-4  Prestige Worldwide

6-4  Pulled Hamms

5-4-1  Chief Wahoo's Redskins

3-5  Master Batters

3-7  Where's My Pitches

1-8-1  Knight Sky



  1. 30+ age requirement.  During season weeks, younger  subs are allowed to make sure everyone can field a team.  Playoff night 30+ only, game umpires will check ID.
  2. Games are 7-10pm Thursday nights, 8-10pm most nights.   7 innings or 60 minutes long, finish the inning.
  3. Home plate mat is used for strikes, 6'-12' arc.  
  4. No hard slide takeouts or fake tags.
  5. Legal bats only, if no stamp, approve with Umpire. 
  6. 2 Home runs per team per game, then it's a single after.
  7. Pitcher Protection Rule:"Hard Hit" line drive or hard grounder directly at the pitcher within 2 feet of him is an automatic dead ball out.   
  8. Playoff Night Age Check:  All players must bring a valid drivers license for proof of age.  Immediately prior to a teams first game of the night when all players are present, each team picks up to 3 players off the other team who then have to show a drivers license for proof of 30+ age to the umpire (any player arriving after their first game of the night has to show ID to the umpire).  If any of them are under 30 the team forfeits the game and is eliminated from the playoff (the game can be played as a scrimmage at that point but the team with under 30 player takes the L and the other team advances to the next round).  If the player forgets his ID and cannot produce a drivers license, that player is not eligible to play in the playoffs and a 7 run penalty (for each player chosen not able to show ID)  is assessed to the team for that game.  The team can continue on without that player and the run penalty is only in that game (this penalizes the player if they forget ID and the team but does not eliminate the team because of it).

Playoff Night

Single Elimination Playoffs 10/14