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Co-ed Softball

COED Softball

Fall 2022

Thanks for Playing in the COED 2022  Softball League

Games are played on Tuesday night, 2 games a night.  League Fee $650.  Games start 8/2.

Text/call Keith Ellis @ 314-440-3333 or Email: with questions or issues.

Pond Athletic Association - Wildwood, Missouri

Register online @

Coed Fall Rules (May Change)

  • All players play at their own risk.  PAA assumes no responsibility for players injured during the course of a game.
  • Wildwood has a strict city ordinance of lights out at 10:30. In order to keep games on time, there is a one-hour time limit.  No inning may start after 55 minutes.  It is the umpires’ job to make sure all games start on time.  Please make sure that your team is at the correct field and ready to play by scheduled game time.
  • Under NO circumstances will umpires tolerate abusive or profane language from either players or fans.  The first offense will be a warning and the second will result in ejection from the game.  Please remember, this is a CO-ED RECREATIONAL SOFTBALL LEAGUE. 
  • Game suspension will be handled by Pond AA Board of Directors.
  • Each game will have ONE umpire assigned.
  • League Rules:
      • A. The ball must be pitched in a definite underhanded motion at slow speed.
      • The pitched ball shall not rise higher than 10 feet above the ground.
      • B. The pitched ball must arc at least 3 feet after leaving the pitcher’s hand and
  • before it passes any part of home plate.

  • Batting order shall be one female, followed by TWO males, then another female, followed by TWO males, etc. throughout the entire game.
  • A female MUST lead off in the first inning
  • Free substitution
  • Males will be pitched to using a 12” slow-pitch softball, Females will be pitched to using an 11” slow-pitch softball.
  • Bats must be stamped by ASA, NSA or USSSA and be a slow pitch softball bat. This is a recreational league and for safety reasons, composite bats without the appropriate stamp will not be allowed.  First violation of this rule will be result in the umpire asking for the bat to be removed from the game.  If it was used by a player, and it is deemed at that time that they used an illegal bat, they shall be called out.  A second TEAM offense shall result in the offending player to be ejected from the game.  A third TEAM offense will result in a forfeit for the team violating the rule. NO STEEL OR METAL SPIKES ALLOWED.  This is a recreational league so for safety reasons, players wearing metal spikes will be removed from the game.
  • There is a 10-run mercy rule in effect after 5 innings (for all games, including playoffs and champ game)
  • Championship game will have no time limit, 7 innings will be played (unless mercy rule becomes in effect.)
  • There must be a MINIMUM of (3) females on the field for the defensive team.  There is no requirement of what position they must play as long as there are three on the field.
    • EXCEPTION – If a team cannot field three females, they may elect to play with only two.  However, they cannot field a male player in the third female’s place.  They must play with nine in the field until a third female arrives.  IN ADDITION, an out will be recorded each time the third females’ spot in the batting order comes up.
  • If the pitcher walks a male that immediately precedes a female batter, the female batter immediately following is automatically walked as well, even if this forces in a run. (If the female due up is a MISSING 3rd female from the rule above, that spot is still considered an out and runners DO NOT advance).  A female batter, at her option, may choose to waive the automatic walk and take her turn at bat.
  • A base runner may not leave the base until the ball has made contact with the bat.  Any that the umpire judges to have left early will be called out.
  • At least THREE outfielders must remain behind a 20-foot arc from the baselines for all batters.  This is to keep teams from cheating in for female batters.  If the outfielder is deemed to have crossed that 20-foot arc prematurely, the umpire may award the batter first base. (Treated as a walk).
  • Sliding shall be at the discretion, AND RISK of the runner.  However, any player that DOES NOT slide, and is deemed by the umpire to be trying to “take out” the defensive player, shall be called out.
  • Homeruns (HR’s) over the fence - Males: after 2 HR’s on any field, the 3rd HR shall be deemed a ground rule single and all base runners will be allowed to advance one base. The 4th and after HR’s are outs. Females: Unlimited HR’s

Coed 2022 Softball Registration

Contact Keith Ellis for Details. EllisND@ or Call/Text @ 314-440-3333

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