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Friday, October 31, 2014                

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Important - Concession Workers

Concession stand workers - In case of rain, please call the rainout hotline number before reporting.  If all games are cancelled then your work duty is also cancelled. All rained out work duties will be rescheduled. 

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Reminder to Pond Athletic members and visitors - Pets and outside food and drinks are not permitted on the premises.

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Renovations at the park!
2014 Baseball Bat Rules


For 2014 8U-14U baseball:  


To be considered legal for use in the STLWAA, bats must comply with the following:

  • For any type of bat, the maximum diameter is two and three quarters inches (2 3/4") and the maximum length is 36". 
  • Aluminum and composite wood bats must be marked by the manufacturer as "BBCOR" or "BPF 1.15"
  • Be a solid core wood bat (with or without markings).
  • For Spring/Summer 2014, there are no drop rules in effect and any weight is permitted provided it meets the previous rules.   Beginning in 2015, 13U and 14U bats must be -5 or heavier (e.g. -3).   10U and 12U bats must be -10 or heavier (-7.5, -7, etc.).  8U and 9U will not have drop rules.  This rule is going into effect to enhance safety for the players in the field.  



For 2014 15U and above baseball: 


All bats must comply with MSHSAA rules.  

Looking for Players?

Pond teams looking for players - please email information for bulletin board publication.   All other inquires about playing at Pond Athletic should be made by using the appropriate contact information found under the link titled "League" in the red header above.  


Players looking for teams - check the Bulletin Board for teams actively looking.  If you would like to be added as a player (Pond teams only), then send email to


Shop at Schnucks - Help Out Pond

Pond is teaming up with eScrip to allow you to easily help out Pond.  Pick up on of the cards and make sure to show it every time you shop at Schnucks.  More information can be found on this document

Special Messages

Link for manager background screening.  All manager background checks are mandatory and should be completed online.



Pond Athletic would like to thank all of our Sponsors, especially now for our 50th Year celebration.  We hope that all of our families recognize their contribution to our success.   Please check out the Sponsors link.


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