Tournament Updates

Eureka Wildcats are 2018 Pond 7Up Champions - Congratulations!


Teams Registered

Cameron Lusk

Mike Rizzo

Brian Eicholz

Ryan Thornhill

Black Knights
Rocky LaRock

Pool Play Results

Score Run Diff
Cardinals 25 8
Riverbats 9 -8

Riverbats 13 8
Black Knights 5 -8

Black Knights 0 -8
Wildcats 21 8

Bearcats 19 1
Cardinals 18 -1

Wildcats 23 4
Bearcats 19 -4

7Up Tournament

Pond 7Up Tournament 

Parents/Players/Coaches/Staff - Thank you all for making this weekend a possibility. I would like to thank the Board of Directors at Pond for helping host this event and a few individuals: Brent Lester, Gary Long, Wade Jones and Terry Ancel. Brent help out many hours during and prior to the tournament to ensure we had correct format for our tournament. Gary made sure our fields were in tip top shape and ready for action both days. Wade Jones ran the umpiring crew and help adapt to the weather conditions we had. Terry Ancel made an emergency trip to Pond to ensure all pitching machines were in working order for Day 2. I sincerely thank each of you!

Most of all I would like to extend a thank you to the coaches and parents. These coaches have volunteered their time and knowledge to help the young athletes grow as individuals, players and teammates. The games and scores will one day fade away, but everyone remembers their youth coaches! Parents, thank you for the sacrifices you have made to allow your young athlete the opportunity to experience this great game we call "Baseball." Also, the chance to experience winning, losing and overcoming adversity even at a young age.

In closing, I hope you all enjoyed your experience at Pond. We look forward to having you back at the park as your young athlete advances to the next levels.


Preston Gross

Champions - Eureka Wildcats

Runner Ups - Riverbats


Final Pool Play Standings


Bracket Rankings Team Win Loss Runs Allowed Run Differential
3 Riverbats 1 1 30 0
5 Black Knights 0 2 34 -16
2 Cardinals 1 1 28 7
4 Bearcats 1 1 41 -3
1 Wildcats 2 0 19 12

Tournament Forms



Registration Form


Tournament Coordinator

Preston Gross

Brent Lester


Date Time Field Home Away
6/2/18 8:30a Field 6 Riverbats Cardinals
6/3/18 11:00a Field 6 Black Knights Riverbats
6/2/18 12:00p Field 6 Wildcats Black Knights
6/2/18 1:45p Field 7 Cardinals Bearcats
6/2/18 3:30p Field 7 Bearcats Wildcats
6/3/18 12:00p  Field 7 #4 Bearcats #5 Black Knights
6/3/18 1:30p Field 7 #1 Wildcats #4 Bearcats
6/3/18 1:30p Field 6 #2 Cardinals #3 Riverbats
6/3/18 3:00p  Field 7 Wildcats (Winner) Riverbats


The tournament will be played using 2018 STLWAA rules.

Game length 1 hour and 30 minutes, max runs per inning (7), and Mercy rules apply (15 runs after 4IP / 10 runs after 5IP). Pool games may end in a tie. Bracket play games may not end in a tie as a winner must be determined. Bracket games tied with time expired or after 7 innings, will follow the STLWAA rule for ties.

Protests will be handled immediately by the Tournament Director and the Umpire in Chief, and their decisions are final.

The park will provide 2 baseballs for each game.

A team forfeiting a game during the tournament is ineligible for any championship round games, but they will be allowed to complete their remaining games pool games.

Scores must be posted at the bulletin board by the concession stand and e-mailed to the Tournament Director ( The winning manager is responsible for reporting the score. If the score is not reported it will be recorded as a forfeit for both teams. All managers should check the posted scores to ensure there are no discrepancies.

If tie breakers are needed after pool play to seed teams they will be applied as follows (standard tournament/USSSA rule):
 Head to Head (only if two teams are tied)
 Fewest Runs Allowed
 Run Differential (+ or – 8 runs max per game)
 Coin Flip

Teams should check e-mail, the PAA website ( and the rainout line (636-458-9627) throughout the tournament for updates.

STLWAA Rule Book 


Article 15. 8U Machine Pitch 

Section 15.01 Two (2) umpires will be used, one behind the plate calling strikes and the other in the field. 

Section 15.02 A machine power/mechanical failure will be handled the same as a rain out. 

Section 15.03 The umpire with the agreement of both managers will set the adjustment of the machine. If an agreement cannot be reached, the umpire will set the pitching machine. The speed setting will be checked after every (1/2) inning by the plate or field umpire. If the machine is not properly adjusted, then the umpire can immediately readjust it. 

Section 15.04 The pitching distance will be measured from the discharge, in front of the wheel. They may position the pitcher on either side of the eight foot (8’) diameter circle BUT not in front of the thirty-two foot (32) pitching distance; the defensive player playing the pitcher’s position must have one foot INSIDE the circle at the time the ball is pitched. Player may leave the circle once the ball has left the machine. 

Section 15.05 A team may only play ONE defensive player at the pitcher position. 

Section 15.06 The manager/coach will drop the ball into the machine for their own team when it is their turn at bat. 

Section 15.07 The coach dropping the balls into the pitching machine cannot leave the immediate area of the pitching machine. (The coach may not run with the base runners coaching them and confusing the defense). Base runners are to be coached by the first and third base coaches only. 

Section 15.08 Before dropping the ball into the machine the manager/coach will hold the ball over their head, and make eye contact with the batter. 

Section 15.09 The machine and safety screen, if used, will be in play and the ball live. If the ball becomes lodged in, under, or behind the screen, or power supply, or stops in the eight foot (8’) circle it will be considered out of play and runners will be awarded one base. Note: Machine is considered the pitching rubber for the purpose of applying the rule. Therefore, if the ball hits the machine and rolls foul before being touched by another player and before passing either first or third base, it is a foul ball. 

Section 15.10 If the offensive manager/coach deliberately hinders the defensive team in fielding a batted ball, the batter is declared out. (a) If the ball accidentally hits the individual feeding the machine, it will be treated as if the ball hit the umpire. It is a dead ball. Batter is awarded first base and any other runners advance one base only if forced. 

Section 15.11 No walks or hit batsmen allowed; hits and strikeouts only. Strikes can be called or swinging. 

Section 15.12 No bunting allowed. 

Section 15.13 The catcher need not hold the ball on the third strike. 

Section 15.14 Infield fly rule is not in effect. 

Section 15.15 When a batted ball hit out of the infield is returned to and is in the possession of an infielder, the pitcher or the catcher, the runners may not advance past the base they are running to. 

Section 15.16 No leadoffs or base stealing is allowed. PENALTY: Runners caught leading off shall be declared out. Runner must keep their foot on the base until the ball is hit. 

Section 15.17 After seven (7) runs are scored in any half (1/2) inning, or when three (3) outs are made, whichever shall first occur, that half inning of play shall be concluded. In the event that the seventh (7th) run is attained from continuous play, only the seventh (7th) run shall be the last counted. 

Section 15.18 There will be NO mercy rules for any machine pitched game. (Pond 7Up tournament will have the mercy rule in place)

Section 15.19 One (1) defensive coach will be allowed to stand by the catcher to help coach the catcher and return the ball to the individual feeding the machine. NOTE: The coach should allow the catcher to retrieve ball and hand off to the coach.