Fall Baseball and Softball

Fall Ball at Pond 2019



Fall Baseball/Softball Leagues at Pond, Ellisville & Ballwin (4U-14U) 

• Registration for our fall league opens June 1 and runs through August 1.
• Fall is team registration only, however we do try to place individual players on teams. 
• Teams play 2020 age levels. 
• $850 for 8U to 14U baseball and softball teams. 
• 10 game schedule played between Pond, Ellisville and Ballwin Athletic Associations.
$300 for 4U to 7U training league teams
 8 game schedule played between Pond and Ellisville Athletic Associations. 
• Home schedules will be ran TBA. 
• Complete schedules will be available by TBA.
• Scheduling Meeting will be held TBA.
• Games start mid/late August and will end by mid-October.